The mission of Sunny Day News is to offer an online platform to individuals, businesses or groups to digitally share or promote stellar achievements that would otherwise be overlooked by traditional media. Think of it as “personal public relations.”

Sunny Day News was founded by Lee Lerner, a career journalist and communications professional. Lerner's idea
in creating Sunny Day News is that mainstream media shouldn't always be the arbiter of who – or what – is showcased in the news or on the Web. He started this service to offer a "place in the sun" for anyone.

EL.MaineSunny Day News is an alternative to stodgy, tradition-bound media gatekeepers who dictate whether your milestones or once-in-a-lifetime triumphs are newsworthy. To that old-school mindset, Sunny Day News votes thumbs down. For a modest fee – typically $99 – we welcome the opportunity to interview you, then tell your story on – and to show it through accompanying photos. We're confident you'll be thrilled when you're headlined on the virtual news pages of

Even better, we'll help you easily share your news page through your favorite social networks and websites by providing you a personalized link to your good-news feature. We'll make sure your family, friends, customers and colleagues are linked in to your big news. We're positive you'll "Like" it.

We're thrilled to spotlight you, a family member, friend or colleague – or your business. Everyone should enjoy their "15 minutes of fame." With our help, we're confident it will last longer than that.

So, why wait? Use the contact form here to provide your details. We'll conduct an interview, then write you up. We'll make sure your whole world reads about it, too.

What's YOUR story?

LernerLee Lerner, Founder of Sunny Day News

Lerner, Editor and Publisher of Sunny Day News, is an award-winning newspaper professional with 30 years in the media industry.

Lerner was a content director and editor for 14 years at Freedom Communications, a Southern California media group that operated newspapers, websites and TV stations nationally. Before that, Lerner spent six years as an editor at The Orange County (CA) Register. He also worked for Tribune Media Services and Gannett newspapers.

Lerner is not only qualified to write your story, but he's excited to do so. His concept for is that anyone should have a platform to promote his or her positive achievements. Lerner says his site is "an affordable opportunity for personal public relations."

When it comes to trumpeting your good work, Lerner says, "Let Sunny Day News blow your horn."