Q. Why should I use Sunny Day News to write about me, my family or business?
A. Good news travels faster these days when it's shared properly through your social networks. We can assist by giving your achievements a professional write-up on SunnyDayNews.com, then providing you the personalized link to your virtual news page so you can share and promote the story through your digital circles.

Q. Is a story on SunnyDayNews.com only useful for sharing personal news with my family and friends?
baseball playerA. It's definitely beneficial for those purposes. But the sites' promotional potential should be considered for things like getting word to clients about a business milestone or a new service, gaining the attention of potential colleges for your gifted linebacker/honor roll son or touting events within your organization or church. Think of it as "personal public relations" at an affordable price.

Q. How does the process work, from start to finish?
A. Once you provide Sunny Day News with your initial details, you'll be contacted by Lee Lerner, founder and editor of the service. He will arrange an interview (usually phone) to gain information for the story. He will arrange the receipt of one or two high-quality digital photos to be published with the story (Additional fees for more than two photos.). Lerner, an award-winning journalist, will write a professional news feature and provide the client with a draft copy for any revisions. Full payment must be made before receiving the first draft. After the client has approved the story, it will be published on SunnyDayNews.com. The client is provided the personalized Web link (URL) to access the story and share it digitally through his or her social networks.

Q. Will photographs be included with the story?
A. Yes. See answer above for greater details. Up to two high-quality digital photos may be published with each story, if you desire.

Q. How long does it take to get a story published?
A. It depends on the interviewing and photo-gathering process, but typically a story may be completed and published within one week. Other factors may affect deadlines, but every effort will be made to expedite publishing, when requested.

thumbs upQ. How much does the service cost? In what forms can I make payment?
A. Most stories cost $99*, which includes the interview, the story/photos on SunnyDayNews.com, a personalized link to the story and publication of that link on our Facebook page (if you desire).
*Additional fees for stories with more than two photos, stories longer than 750 words, or interview/photo travel outside a 20-mile radius. Payment may be made by credit card or debit through PayPal on this site (add $3 transaction fee), or through a $99 check payable to Sunny Day News.

Q. What if I want a longer story or more photos?

A. No problem. We can accommodate. Our Start-up Special is the $99 basic news feature, which includes a story of 500 to 750 words and one to two photos. Our Bonus value feature costs $149 for a story of 750 to 1,000 words and three to five photos. To go all out, you will want the Centerpiece feature: For $199, you get a story of 1,000 to 1,250 words and six to eight photos.

Q. Why do you charge for stories on Sunny Day News?

A. Because Sunny Day News is not a traditional advertising-supported news site, it requires a modest fee to take advantage of its professional services, which we believe offer our clients tremendous promotional value.

Q. How can I gain maximum value or exposure for my story on Sunny Day News?
A. The best way to leverage your story on SunnyDayNews.com is to share the story link on your websites or social networks, be that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Of course, you may also print the story and share it in that traditional method.

Q. Who can see my story on SunnyDayNews.com?
A. Anyone with whom you provide the personalized link or who visits that news page on the SDN site. Because it is an open site, anyone might "browse" to your page. However, the likelihood of someone finding your story is best optimized by providing the custom link (URL) through personal communication or social networks.

handshakeQ. What types of stories may be featured on Sunny Day News? Are there limitations or categories?
A. Any kind of story may be written for SunnyDayNews.com (within the boundaries of positive news and good taste). It can be a professional or personal achievement, academic or athletic, or a story that promotes a business' latest products, services or milestones. Maybe you just want a bit of recognition for your daughter who won the school spelling bee. Or, perhaps, a story that brags on your undefeated, championship softball team.

Q. How long will my page on SunnyDayNews.com remain active?
A. Infinitely. Your page and the personalized link will not expire unless you request that it be removed.